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The term refers to a cooking hob surface, which is equipped with a stove on a hearth. This is a heat-generating plate, which allows to heat pots and pans.

These cooktops, there are also differences. Among other things, there are gas hobs, gas and easiest ways to work with the heating.
Secondly, glass ceramic cooktops that offer a mix of induction and electrical engineering.
And of course the electric cooktops that cost more power, because it turns off when you heat it further.
However, there are also some tips and tricks that you can work well. These are of course different from the various models.
Electric cooktops should be about once a week, rub with vaseline, so that no remaining residues stick to the Kochplatrten. This is prevented by the vaseline and the hot plates remain clean longer and clean. The stainless steel surface can be done to clean it with abrasive cleanser opder stainless steel cleaner.

In gas cooktops are similar. These stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned with abrasive cleanser or stainless steel cleaner. But to the steel beams fixed contamination, it is possible to inject them with strong grill cleaner, let soak and wash it down with clean water.
This stubborn dirt erntfernt.

The difference also lies in the glass-ceramic cooktops and electric rings. This should never be cleaned with abrasive cleanser or other means. Unless there are special care products that have been specially created for those hobs. You should use a soft cloth and clean the cooking surface with water, as it may cause scratches or other damage. In addition, you can also buy so-called hob scratches. These serve to set stains can be removed so neat and free of scratches.

However, some should be considered before even buying a new cooktop. Most important is that the plug on the new field are also attached to the oven cooking, otherwise the device can not work and beideint be correct device.
Above all, the energy required to be kept clearly in mind. Say, many cooktops have a significantly higher energy consumption and are thus known as energy guzzlers.
It is important of course that is beheld by size. How many rings you want and whether you want to include flash drives.

In order to obtain an optimal cooktop itself, one should look closely and compare prices. Any comparisons drawn to find the right device and not to increase the energy costs.

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