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A dryer is used to quickly bring to a particular drying. Most dryers offer, for example cupboard dry, extra dry and a few other programs. Just as programs for sensitive stuff like satin. A dryer operates on a very simple system:

The laundry in a dryer is placed through a thermal drying to the desired drying.
However, there are a wide variety of dryers, and this is also reflected in the price.
Here it is again the contact dryer that dries on only one type. The laundry is dried on a heating surface in this case such as a drum or drum dryer. Then there is the convection, the hot dry air flowing through the laundry. In a convection dryer, the air is flowing outward, cleaned and passed through a dust collector. For some devices, the cleaned air is recirculated and reused over and over again. This saves a lot of power, not as a permanent new air must be heated.

You should be careful before buying one, however, how much power does a dryer and what it is for a dryer.
There are many differences and little things to look out for you.
Many manufacturers lure so that the devices are cheap and at the end of any quantity they consume electricity, which the consumer is not happy of course.
When drying clothes you should make sure which program is suitable for which underwear. Otherwise you can quickly do his laundry at the end is broken and the clothes for the bucket which would not have fallen naturally.
One can also look at the Internet some test results of manufacturers and dryers, and so exactly does the information on price and performance of a device. The most popular are the dryer exhaust and condensation dryer, which vary in price but very strark. While there are devices that cost a lot and have a good performance, but there are also dryers cost little and bring the same performance.

A tip that is:
Find out on the internet just before you buy a dryer. Each dryer is different and each has different characteristics, the dryers are good or bad.
Read reviews of people have you tested the dryer before and know what you're talking.
So, first inform and then decide and buy.

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