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Espresso Machines

Espresso Machines

How do espresso machines work?

The operation of espresso machines is not difficult. Thanks to this machine, you can save yourself a lot of money and time.
The manual does not explain exactly how to make the respective specialty coffee, which usually is not the case. Can a small knob, the device looks different every time, produce the desired specialty coffee. Some devices also have a regulator for the number of cups, if you want a cup, or rather two.
Usually, one fills the coffee powder in the desired, provided, filters. Then the water is forced through the filter and you get a coffee or an espresso. Fact that the water is forced through the filter that creates the delicious crema.

What can you do with espresso machines?

With the help of espresso machines can be produced in the shortest time specialty coffee drinks. Some espresso machines have a paper to froth milk to order, so that eg a delicious latte macchiato or an espresso, depending on taste.
So you can with espresso machines producing all best coffees that have been otherwise get only in the cafe. With an espresso machine saves you money and can comfortably enjoy their favorite dishes at home, whether alone or with friends.

History of the espresso machine

1855 was the first time an espresso machine, shown at the Paris World Exhibition. The coffee was fresh and in a few seconds, be prepared for the customer.
1901 was the famous Italian tradition of espresso. Thanks to Luigi Bezzera, who invented the process for delicious espresso and the associated machine.
In 1906 he introduced the first automatic espresso coffee machine, made at the Paris World Exhibition.

Use tip to make a delicious espresso

At first, you need 6-7 grams of freshly painted espresso coffee. Best suited Arabica coffee, this coffee has a very strong and aromatic taste. This is with 90-94 ° C hot water and a pressure of 9-13 bar is pressed through the filter.
At 20-30 seconds processing time for delicious froth in the espresso. On this sugar remains for 2-3 seconds.

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