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Food steamer

For the healthy food is a steamer, the ideal device. In it can be prepared fresh dishes low in fat without losing flavor. The vitamins are retained during cooking and creates a wonderful flavor of the food.
Since the food does not dry out as in conventional cooking, vitamins and minerals remain intact. In conventional cooking, for example, the nutrients are released and go on a potato into the cooking water. The potato is steamed, it will be enveloped by the steam and isolated. Thus, a transfer of flavors and vitamins are not possible due to lack of water in the potato.

The technique of steam cooking is old, different races have been used for decades. And in China the water-filled wok or water in the bowl with us.

Steamers now belong to the modern technology and there are a variety of devices on the market.
It is important to distinguish between two devices. The pressureless steam cooker and the pressure steamer.
When pressurized steamer the steam produced escapes to the outside, so no pressure is built up inside the steamer. The cooking time is longer than a Druckdampfgarer.
When Druckdampfgarer the steam is trapped inside. Due to the pressure increases the temperature of the steam and the cooking time is shortened.
But if pressure is 100 degrees or under pressure at 120 degrees, nothing is healthier than cooking with steam.

Depending on use, the buyer can choose between a portable steamer or a fixed large equipment.
In the steam cooker of the mobile base is heated electrically. He absorbs the water and makes steam. There are essays with holes that let in the steam and the flow around the food.
In the stationary steam cooker, a separate tank is heated by a heater. Cooking trays with the food to be cooked to be steamed gently.

A good tip for beginners!
Since the cooking time of the steaming process usually takes longer than with conventional cooking, slow groping makes sense. Similarly, it may take some time until the correct sequence is found out of food. So a little practice with one or two dishes is only one sense. An increase comes with feeling and time.
Is exercise there is for the layman and the professional chef steaming is not only fun, but tends to be very healthy.

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