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Washing machine

In Germany are mostly used drum washing machines. This resulted in a washing drum rotates about a horizontal axis. There sogenennte top loader (loading hatch on the top) and front loader with a porthole front side as a loading hatch. A top loader has a higher security against water leakage, since the door can be made simpler and better sealed. In contrast, a front loader takes place in a kitchen on the upper surface and leaves room for a work surface or for example a clothes dryer.

To operate a washing machine, a current, fresh water and drainage is needed. Some energy-saving washing machines heat the water with natural gas or be connected in addition to the hot water supply.

Washer-driers are a combination of washer and dryer in one unit. They take the same amount of laundry as washing machines notmale. Therefore, the amount of laundry to dry in half. They have a higher water consumption, because they use fresh water to condense the exhaust air.

A so-called automatic load (technical term fuzzy logic) are monitored in some ecological washing machines, the dosage of the required water and detergent or fabric softener. To these must be supplied via the built-in detergent tank. An electronic control system regulates the betriebt depends on the capacity and the selected wash program.

In some cases the number of rinse cycles is monitored. A temperature sensor measures the heat present in the washing machine and determines the time to reach the highest temperature value of the scrubbing liquor still below the number of rinses.

A case of so-called air determines the level of water in the washing machine. Here were often from remnants of fabric softeners and detergents and Mitel provide disturbances in water level. Error here can be solved by Rinigen the air trap.

As the liquor ratio is defined as the amount of laundry to the water volume of a washing machine. The ideal ratio for drum washing machines is 1 kg of laundry to 5 liters of water.

Since the enactment of the Energy Labelling Regulation: 1 January 1998 klassifizert washing machines according to their energy consumption. The review referred Enerdie, washing efficiency and Spin efficiency class takes place between A (best Berwert) to G (worst score). This assessment can be seen in the EU energy label. In general, you should also pay attention when buying or on energy consumption.

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