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Notebooks are enjoying an increasing popularity. Above all, their comparatively small size and the associated mobility have meant that notebooks currently in the private sector now account for most of the computers sold. Generally laptops offer compared to a slightly lower range of features, the batteries used here not to take too much and thus to increase the grid at runtime. In normal use, are less powerful processors and graphics cards, or slower, but not usually negative. Only in the area of ​​extensive graphics applications, such as with current 3D games that are most notebooks, not appropriate.

Notebooks are in different configurations on the market that can be divided roughly into three categories: notebook for office and internet applications, powerful multimedia notebook and designed especially for large mobility subnotebooks.

For notebooks for office use, the performance is not necessarily in the foreground. Accordingly, they do not have to be equipped with the fastest processors and graphics cards. Regarding the memory, a device for office and internet with 1024MB of RAM fitted. Important in the office sector is a good and best large screen, anti-reflective coating that should be especially important for outdoor use. For comfortable work also plays a large role keyboard. Anyone who works a lot with numbers, should fall back on a device that has a numeric keypad.
For mobile browsing to provide the facilities with wireless internet access. Also, there is sufficient connectivity for peripherals should be respected. Two USB ports are the minimum here. Office notebooks are available for most users especially pricing is a good alternative multimedia devices.

For more complex applications such as very graphic-heavy programs are offered by the use of a multimedia notebook. Here are powerful processors and graphics cards in the Upper Class. With respect to the memory recommended 2 or 3GB of RAM.

Of course, even here, the display should not be too small and offer a good resolution. Reflecting offer as opposed to matte models have a higher brightness and better contrast, are suitable but not for all light conditions. Especially for multiplayer games is with a Wi-Fi equipment.

Since laptops are barely upgradeable, they are with technical advancements in the gaming market, most easily overwhelmed, so for the perennial gamers still the better alternative, especially as multimedia notebooks also move priced in the upper-class notebook.
The ultra compact, lightweight subnotebooks are designed especially for mobile use. Their scope is limited, the possibilities here on surf-and basic office applications. Who is working on the computer a lot, will have on the small screen and compact keyboard on a permanent little joy. For mobile surfing and occasional work on the move, however, these notebooks are ideal. In addition, entry-level devices are to have been very favorable.

Generally you should look for when buying a laptop battery life, sufficient connections and good workmanship of the unit.

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