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Real cooking stoves have been the end of the 18th Century in operation. They had a completely enclosed combustion chamber and copper or iron stove plates were inserted into the holes of pots and kettles. For different sized pots, the holes in the hot plate were adjusted with different rings. Later, the herd also had such an oven.

Middle of the 19th Century came the first herd of metal on the market. These include his flock, which were equipped in the interior with various fire grates, heat moves through the heat of the burners and hot water heaters, and initiated various ovens and cooker rings possessed by the size adjustable fireplaces. These stoves were very expensive and sat in Germany until 1860th

Also since the beginning of the 19th Century were made gas-fired ovens, but found only in urban use, where there was a supply of gas. Since the 1860s, were mass-produced in Germany portable iron stoves. The burners had several removable rings were mounted in the openings of the pots. 1893 was presented in Chicago, the first electric stove, but they found only from 1930 aufgebeut widespread, as the necessary infrastructure was.

Also today is the development, continue as rapidly in others, to cooking to make participants more closely and healthier. Meanwhile, there are spots in all Austattungsvariationen and price ranges.

Modern stoves are almost exclusively operated with gas or electric. Gas stoves sat down until the middle of the 19th Century in the cities generally through. Developments of modern times are the microwave oven and induction cooker. Today, there are non-state devices with overhead hob and oven below and separate devices, which, through its built-in countertops and kitchen cabinets for greater flexibility in the kitchen equipment and better ergonomics. Modern ovens are equipped with sheets and grates in telescopic rail guides. When equipped with upper and / or lower heat to heat through natural air flow in the oven dasInnere is transmitted.

In a convection oven, a fan distributes the heat more quickly in the baking chamber and allows for a use of several levels and also saves a little more energy because the temperature is set to 20 ° C to 30 ° C lower. Some ovens are also equipped with a grill that can be operated with air circulation for faster cooking time.

The latest oven models have a self cleaning function. This only works by heat, thus burning the back-and Bratrückstände such that they fall off by itself or can be easily removed. However, much electricity is consumed.

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