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A freezer is used for permanent storage of food by freezing.
Nowadays, when preparing food, quickly and easily go from Equip need is very often frozen ready meals. Without a freezer, you can not store these foods. It is hardly likely to give a household in Germany, is neither a freezer nor has a freezer compartment in the refrigerator. However still countless ancient freezers slumber in the cellar. Freezers know to shine by their longevity, however, especially older models are real power hogs.

Until the purchase of a freezer should not wait until the old chest after 15 years, gives up the ghost.
New, modern freezers can by their energy-saving construction techniques and a convincing, which was tailored to the needs of people. In earlier times, was a large heavy freezer, which was placed in the basement, the usual standard.

Today, fewer people on average live in a household and the spaciousness of a large chest was completely oversized. In large, deep chests of days gone by, you could see from above, not what was on the ground. The removal of food standing down was tedious and annoying. The overview of the inventories is lost and as a result often spoiled frozen food stored at the bottom.
The modern way of the freezer, the freezer. This has ideally extendable drawers to allow for quick access. The drawer system also provides a quick overview of the entire frozen food.

In the kitchen, the freezer is placed at eye level to avoid the hassle of bending over in the search.

The inner surfaces and drawers should be of smooth material and have no crooked corners. This facilitates cleaning. Glass shelves and drawers are made of thin plastic in the freezer out of place, since they can come in daily use, easy to damage.
The most important feature of a freezer is energy consumption. To this is to pay particular attention when buying.

The equipment must have been deeply marked exhibit one of their so-called energy efficiency class.

The energy efficiency classes are divided into classes A to G. A class is the most economical level and should be bought preferred. Only devices with the award A + or A + + are more economical in energy consumption. A freezer with a worse classification as Class B is not recommended these days. The higher price for a Class A freezer is permanently on the savings in electricity costs made up for. This additional expenditure should not be afraid.

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