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Hand mixer

Who is not familiar with the commercial hand mixer? Easy to use, flexible to use and expandable. It is possible not long ago from the head of many housewives, but also amateur chefs or bakers opportunity to see in this kitchen appliance a piece of jewelry. Accordingly, the hand mixer on the ground flour products, sugar, eggs and produce not only for pie dough. It can also beat cream and custard cream hit.

The structure is kept very simple and easy as it should be for a good kitchen appliance. Below the white metal housing (size: 26 x 22.5 x 16 cm), two dough hooks or eyelets are stirring hook on which books can be catalyzed.
The two hooks are expressing their respective functions. The dough hook to knead the mixture are used so that, a firm dough. The stirring hook have the function to stir the mixture, creating a creamy mass.
How fast a controller designed to work the hook to above the housing. Thus, the levels adjustable from 1 (slow moving) to level 3 (very fast moving).
At the end of the housing is a cable so that the device is operated electronically with a general power of 170 watts.

But how to work with it?
Initially, the products that need to be stirred or kneaded dough for each individual or cream in a mixing bowl werden.Danach the respective hooks into the bottom eyelets book pensated (in the production of a dough, the dough hook / in the manufacture of a cream the stirring hook). Then, the plug of the hand mixer is plugged into an outlet. If the socket is a bit farther away from the bowl, so that's not necessarily a problem, because the cable is usually about 1, 50m long.

Finally, one must determine the speed of the hook through the controller.
The hand mixer is thus a multifunctional mixer, which is easy to use and yet versatile.

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