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Households with fume hoods are worthy of their merits as a very practical and always clean kitchen equipment.

The inventor is any member of the household - at least those organizing the kitchen - a debt of gratitude.

She sucks the cooking fumes and the resulting water vapor and thus prevent fat in it is located in the kitchen and the kitchen settles inventory polluted, contaminated and glued.

The housing of the hoods, colloquially known as steam outlet (comes from water that is brought in connection with cooking) is integrated from a centrifugal blower in which a grease filter.
There are control units that allow regulated by the different absorbencies.

The thermally induced cooking fumes rise up, is thus also to start from the top of fresh air.
The hood is off, is prevented by the non-return valve in the fresh air of unwanted air intake duct.
With the additional fresh air supply is the haze back into the intake area of ​​the device and creates a comprehensive ventilation.
A workplace lighting for well-lit view.

Construction of the hoods

In two different ways they can be technically connected.
Both air-conditioning as well as air circulation system.
In principle, with the exhaust air from the cooking vapor is passed through a grease filter in pipes from the home, out of the house. The benefits are to be directed to the cooking fumes and odors caused by cooking directly outside.
An extractor fan connection with the smell of cooking grease on the filter, also common routed through an additional activated carbon filter and back into the room.
With this connector is used primarily in low - energy and passive houses reached a energiesparende4 effect. In older buildings often have no other access is feasible.

In general, the hoods are technically current maintenance. It should be noted, however, are the timely exchange of carbon - and grease filters.
Metal filter (stainless steel) should be cleaned regularly (once a week is recommended, depending on intensity).
They are following the instruction manual dishwasher safe.
Drying cycles should be avoided since color changes possible.
Clean Cycle Facilities - - After the familiar rule equally long life expectancy.

The hoods are current with it many technical innovations.
The development led to real designer appliances.
The issue of energy saving devices attractive shape and friendly service in the modern buyer is an increasingly important buying decision.
German kitchen manufacturer and developer to create a large selection of the intelligent hood.
These devices detect the latest situation in the respective chef and cooking fumes resulting automatically adjust the Absaugkraft on during the cooking process.

Due to this rapid development is the kitchen with her latest hoods becoming a multimedia workstation with high-value information and entertainment.

Thus, there are devices with screen television to be able to.
Playing DVD while cooking is so self-evident.
In addition, there are connections for VCR and of course for the PC.

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