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In most homes there are now a number of technical devices, which are intended to facilitate the work in the kitchen. So it is no wonder that the range rises in the shops. A great demand especially enjoy the two into one device, such as the stand mixer with juicer. This saves space in the kitchen and also some money.

This is also the reason why today we tried devices with more functions to bring to market. Above all mixers are used in virtually every household and a juicer is great for quick drinks or fresh lemon juice for the cake to get. Thus, the old hand mixer have safe hands.

The special feature of a stand mixer is not only the sophisticated technology and the built-juicer, but also that this can now remain on the desktop. Dispel the annoying and look for the small parts of the mixer is no longer necessary and you can start immediately. Of course, playing in the selection of the right stand mixer today besides the quality and the look of a big role. The shops are therefore also models in all shapes and colors. How to find everyone is a suitable for your own kitchen.

In stand mixer with the juicer, there are different papers for the container. At the mixer, the ingredients are filled up. Under the tank there are the individual knives which chop the ingredients and stir. Here it depends on the selected program. Thanks to the lid and nothing goes wrong.

If something needs to be juiced then be changed at the top of the handle so you can easily juiced fruits and vegetables and nuts and the shell are simultaneously collected.
As quickly arise tasty drinks which are still far healthier than even the juice from the bottle.

When buying one should take care that are well above all the processing and the material. This guarantees that holds what it promises and not unnecessarily throwing money out the window.

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