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For rapid heating of food, beverages or other suitable applications today is a microwave is indispensable in the household. Based on the technology, through broadcast frequencies to be able to convert electromagnetic energy and heat.

A microwave oven converts only about 70% of the energy into heat, the remaining energy is fed by waste heat from the device. However, a microwave, especially during warm up to 250ml or smaller portions of fluid, energy technology cheaper than electric cooker and kettle. The warming of more than 250ml liquid or water-containing food is not worth more then.

A microwave oven is in the construction of very complex and therefore only have to now so cheap, because it is produced in large sizes. The construction of a microwave device based on the following main elements:

- Sealed cooking chamber, so the radiation can not escape
- Magnetrons which produce the radiation

Due to the electronic vibration which is created with the help of the magnetrons, are routed through a waveguide, the microwave in the sealed, so metallically shielded oven. A microwave oven must be well shielded, because its warming rays act on the human tissue and cause burns.

Safe functioning microwave ovens are shielded and only minimal microwave radiation emitted are negligible and within the legal tolerance. The door of a microwave device, the only element which can open the shielded area is therefore a safety-related component. This prevents the microwave runs with the door open and when the safety door is closed, shielding them from the oven cavity and prevents the leakage of microwaves.

Important instructions for a microwave oven

Since the heat generated and power must always be included and this can only happen if a food or fluid into the microwave is a microwave oven should never be turned on with an empty oven.

It must be noted also that the warming is not uniform and it is therefore advisable to cover the food to be heated and preferred to heat with less power over a longer period rather than with a short peak. It would then ewärmen the food not only to the core and external hot.

Is the purchase of microwave ovens are now a myriad selection of very cheap devices to professional equipment that can heat up homogeneously, ie a more uniform power output, have other devices equipped with grill and baking functions, defrost frozen foods. The best way to stay informed and make conscious at first about your needs before you buy a device.

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