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Steam Iron

Iron is a device with which one smooths laundry. For this you need heat, pressure and humidity from time to time. All irons have a handle and a sole. Nowadays, in the iron plate of a heating coil that is heated by current flow. Through the soleplate and heat the clothes are smoothed. On iron, there is a selector switch, with which you can set the desired temperature you need for ironing different garments. Today most modern steam iron has a water tank. The steam coming out of the sole, the ironing is easier.

Large pieces of laundry can be smoothed with a pressing machine.
Were the first irons in the 15th Century. They consisted of a smooth, solid piece of iron with a handle, which was heated on a hotplate. Here, the handle of the iron was hot. For this reason, heat insulating handles were invented. There were some iron in various weights and shapes. Back then there was the iron were filled with glowing coals. To keep the soot from the laundry was in the 16th Century, the heavy iron Stagl developed. In the late 19th Century, there were alternating with iron handles. The grip of cold iron was removed and clipped to another heated. In the 19th and 20 Century were known gas iron. There were those which were heated with a gas burner and which were connected via tubing to a gas line. 1897 appeared the first electric iron. Particular advantages were the ease of use, light weight and cleanliness. Unfortunately it was not regulated at the beginning of the electric iron. 1925 this problem of overheating caused by the invention of the thermostat has been resolved.

Today, more and more rarely purchased electric irons, because you can iron with an ironing station faster and easier. If you often many shirts must be ironed, it is worth an automatic bar to purchase. With this shirt you can relieve pressure at the push of the folds.

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