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Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and many more. The mobile phone manufacturers seem unlimited.
In all, a distinction between prepaid mobile phones (with rechargeable SIM card) and contract mobile phone. When the contract mobile phone is always paid a monthly sum, usually with extra or a fixed amount (starting at 1 Euro) when purchasing the phone. The amount of the monthly cost will depend on which flat rates to book this, how much you make a call / SMS writing and whether there is a basic fee. For frequent users recommend this so-called super flat rate for a fixed price per month. Since you can limit the German Festnetzt and the same network, as they call.

Anyone who writes a lot of SMS is usually better, dazuzubuchen an SMS flat rate. Of course it can vary by provider (Vodafone, E-Plus, O2, etc.). Therefore, it should be well thought through and there are multiple offers are obtained from vendors.

There are many types of flat rates and offers, which is certainly something for everyone. When prepaid cell phone you pay when buying a fixed amount (starting at 9.95 €) and usually is a simcard with starting balance there. This SIM card can be recharged many times. Please note it. The SIM card should not be charged over a longer period, eliminating the validity of the card. As long as the SIM card is valid, you can get for free (just choose the provider Vodafone 22 922).

The functions are different depending on the price class. So we can not expect, that is when you buy a prepaid phone for 9.95 € a camera, MP3 player or other technical highlights inside understood. Not so with contract phones. Since you pay for the monthly rental amount. So, if you just want to make calls, which would suffice a cheap phone. But those who prefer to forgo high standards does not want to have a little dig deeper into their pockets. This can even go up to 800 € and more. Camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth (send and receive files from phone to phone or PC / laptop), glycolate but a few, now belong to the mobile phone standard. Of course there are tons of different. In my opinion, are the mobile phones by the manufacturer "Nokia", the user-friendly. Certainly there are to different opinions. Even with the various providers such as Vodafone, E-Plus, etc. There are different opinions, which I prefer but Vodafone. I had so far (and that will never change), only Nokia phones with Vodafone. Great prices, super phones, super customer service. Simply because the price-performance ratio. But every vendor and manufacturer has its advantages and disadvantages.

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