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Desktop computers are now in the majority of households to standard electronic equipment. Not always the buyers of desktop PCs based on the choice of equipment but to the actual needs and demands, they have on their computer. So it is not uncommon that you buy computers, their components actually measured at the required applications are completely oversized. Thus, an unnecessary amount of money invested.

On the other hand, of course, the frustration is inevitable when you have to decide after the purchase that the new desktop computers for the intended applications, such as the latest games, not because of its scope of services is too low. Accordingly, you should carefully before purchasing a new law to be clear for which applications you want to use the device.

Who wants to use his desktop computer primarily for general office applications and by the way look like a movie or manage his MP3 collection, which is well served with a very low-cost entry-level PC in most cases. Even normal web browsing, checking e-mails and not too costly or even older games are designed with such a computer is not a problem. Therefore, entry-level PCs or office PCs ranging from complete in many cases for domestic use.

Since the requirements for this computer is not too high, they need not be equipped with the most powerful processors or graphics cards. Also, the memory must not be excessively large. 256MB should be enough in fact, who wants to make sure is well equipped with 512MB. The choice of hard disk size depends, of course, if you greatly data, such as music or movies, would like to save it. Normally, 40GB should be enough, for very large collections of music or the like is of course correspondingly more space be needed.

Even office computers should now be equipped with a drive. To recommend a backup - or DVD burner.

If you want to use their desktop computers for demanding applications such as photo editing, basic video editing or newer games, it is advisable to buy a round or multimedia PC that the middle-price can be attributed. A 3.0 GHz processor and a graphics card from the middle segment should belong to the equipment here. Should be to work on images and videos of the dimensions is not only larger but also faster than the office PC. Who wants to present his films later, of course need a DVD burner. For the correct sound when playing should provide a good sound card.

To professional users and gaming fans absolute high-end PC systems are designed. Here only the components come from the top technical and price segments are used. Due to the high performance that is required in the demanding fields of application, must be taken here especially true for a properly functioning cooling system.

As much power is usually associated with much noise, the enclosure should have a good insulation.

In general, we should trust the computer to buy branded goods, as this is usually less susceptible to interference.

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