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The Play Station is a game console from electronics maker Sony. The first Play Station came out in the 90s and caused much surprise in the video game world. No one had credited Sony to release a console that it could make the market leaders Nintendo and Sega really hard.
But things turned out differently had the Sony Play Station game console soon, the most successful in the world in its range. Meanwhile, the first play station no longer commercially available.

Currently Play Station 2 and Play Station 3 are distributed by Sony active. Although technically the Play Station 3 console by far the strongest on the market as a whole, it comes from the sales of its predecessor, yet neither ran to competitors products. The background is still quite high at around 400 €. The Playstation 2 games is to get together even for the half.

The Play Station 2 has been a very mature technology and also serves as an additional DVD player. The games of the first Play Station can also play on the Play Station 2. An internet gaming is possible by using the Play Station 2 as a modem and then looks for new online players. Many fans Play Station 2 console justify their loyalty to the old with the fact that most games come out anyway to date both for Play Station 2 and for their successors. It is therefore not obliged to buy the newer console, if one wants to buy a specific game. The games themselves are on average 10-20 € cheaper too good and have a similarly good graphics, like the Play Station 3 games.

A valuable tip for Play Station 2-player is to turn the game console to a maximum of six hours of operation for half an hour, which is not only good for your health, but also has a positive effect on the life of the console. That's the only technical drawback of Play Station 2, it is quite hot and harms so for longer play operation itself

The Play Station 3 has basically the same functions as the Play Station 2 It has, however, also has a faster processor is so powerful and has better graphics resolution. Many games come nearly one in front, like real movies and video are in reality hard to beat. Also on this console can play back the previous games and also in Play Station 3, it is possible to search the Internet for new players. The Play Station 3 will soon adjust to match the prices of other consoles and new games to be even more prepared for this console from Sony.

For Play Station 3 owners, it's a tip: films can be in Blueray format look at the console.

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