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Home Theater

Both the range of sound systems for home use as well as their quality has increased significantly in recent years. Meanwhile, there are devices for under 100 €. The price limits are set up to allow virtually no limits, however, is the psychologically important threshold of when a sound system is achieved as a really expensive at around 5000 €.

When purchasing a sound system should be respected, especially on the final crucial aspect of the benefit or use of the area. Most current devices have multiple small speakers, which generate a realistic three-dimensional, the so-called surround sound, distributed throughout the room.

Another component of most systems is the bass, also called a subwoofer. Especially in these devices has the sound in recent years, not only because of the changing musical styles, improved strikingly. Even with the cheaper devices will be in the price range between 100 € and 200 € now quite considerable achievements reached. In the lower price segment, two manufacturers are mentioned, which cover up to a few exceptions to this segment, namely Samsung and Panasonic. However, there are also devices from Sony in this price category.

In the mid-price level you get for an amount between 300 € and 600 € already quite good, some very good quality. The speakers, especially the midrange, have a finer sound and the sound is significantly improved by partially refined software included in the playback devices. The speakers in this price category are usually slightly larger and thus cover a wider frequency band. Well-known manufacturers in the intermediate category are Sony and Pioneer. These manufacturers have reinforced the system that is almost exclusively for home theater arrangement in the program, There are usually five speakers covering the mid to high tones and are distributed throughout the room contained, is also still a subwoofer that can be placed anywhere in space. Similarly, almost invariably included.

Finally, a couple of words about the high-end sound systems. These systems are characterized by extravagant design, high technology and attention to detail and very good sound. Moreover, the players included a sophisticated software on board, the system can adapt to some great ways to different styles of music and you think with each new song a different system in the room have to stand. The speaker in the upper price range are very strong performance. In a normal room you will never be able to demonstrate their maximum volume without ear protection. Manufacturers in this segment are Bose and Harman / Kardon.

The most important thing you should consider when buying is the requirement profile, ie someone who prefers to hear Classical music does not require a huge subwoofer. At best you should have a favorite CD on the device before buying it and "trial listening". So that everyone can find the desired device.

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