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Epilators are painful but long-lasting way to smooth legs (of course, arms, chest, wherever you want it). The epilator is a mechanical device for hair removal. Basically this is that he does not like the hair cut short on the approach, but the hair roots with the same pluck out. Therefore, this procedure is also initially quite painful. We know it when you pluck with the tweezers, a single hair - with a epilator has several, small tweezers next to each other, which rotate and so constantly reaching for the hair and pull it out.
The device is applied at right angles to the skin and a moderate speed and not done too much pressure on the selected site. Here, the tweezers grasp the hair and pull it out. However, they should be pruned cm for a length of about 1, so the device can function correctly.
The epilator is either connected to the outlet, or it is battery operated. The device is compact and can be performed easily with one hand.

Many women prefer the epilator the razor, as the skin after depilation up to 4 weeks remains smooth and you do not have trouble after a few days with renewable stubble. However, this type of hair removal be harmful to the skin. For example, the risk that new hair grow in coming, relatively high. In contrast to help the body use a lotion that softens the skin, and the gentle scrubbing with an exfoliating glove. This dissolves dead skin and helps to rid the new hairs. Of course you can alternatively take a scrub and massage from the tube to the skin.

So long as the epilator works perfectly, it should be cleaned after use with a brush. For a clogged device can draw no new hair longer, and the tweezers are blocked. It is not to proceed to bring the electric motor in combination with water. For this you can separate the head from the rest of tweezers device and clean it gently under running water. Caution: Replace only completely dry again.

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