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A razor is a device to remove unwanted hair. This leads to one or more blades just above the skin along and cuts so from the hair above the root. It is available as a wet, - or an electric shaver, which means it is either manually moistened and treated with shaving cream on the skin out, or, in contrast, the electric razors used directly on dry skin. The electronic shaver is battery operated and has been mechanically moving blades, which should facilitate the shaving.
Previously, the only shaver for men of their facial hair (beard) was used, but today he is also gaining more and more important for women. This removed, preferably with a wet razor, the hair on the legs and shoulders. These areas are the most popular, followed by the arms and groin area. For intimate shaving blade, however, should another be chosen because the area is very sensitive and can easily be bacteria on the blade, transferred from other zones.
Some people therefore prefer the disposable razor - this model will be discarded after single use. However, it has often in these blades, the disadvantage of inferior workmanship.
One simply has to resort to a high quality wet razors and regularly replace the blade (this is done simply with one click, -. And plug system this solves the old blade with a push of a button from the holder and one can mount it easily in the apparatus of the new Blades can snap. A contact of fingers and cutting is eliminated.)

All razors have in common is that they must nachrasieren daily to keep the skin smooth. First renewable stubble hairs show up often at night, but no later than the next morning and you have to go back with the razor on these bodies.

In order to avoid skin irritation when shaving (after all, is a sharp blade drawn directly on the skin and often several times) recommends the use of aftershave and / or shaving cream. The latter gives way before the hair and makes it a little smoother. The shave has an antibacterial effect (there is that with or without alcohol) and calms the skin after shaving.
Also helpful is the place to cool shaved afterwards with cold water to close the skin pores and quickly get in dirt and bacteria.

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