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Digital camera

Who now decides to buy a digital camera could be overwhelmed very quickly under certain circumstances. There were still a few years ago, the three major brands, Canon, Nikon and Minolta, which brought the first digital cameras on the market today there are countless vendors, camera types and price ranges.

A first aid purchase can be an eye typing "digital camera" to the popular Internet search engines. However, you should make advance three very important questions:

First What I want to spend on the camera?
Second What I intend with my camera?
Third Once this initial purchase is only the beginning and I intend to expand my equipment or my camera alone is sufficient for my purposes?

These three issues are fundamental to the further procedure to find the right camera. On the one hand, because today's price ranges between less than 100 € and 4,000 € and more are on the other whether it is ultimately a compact camera or to be a digital one.

That is already a first differentiator. As the name suggests, is a compact camera, a compact, portable digital camera that fits in your pocket, some of which already excellent quality and properties from as little as about 100 €.

A digital SLR camera, however, is naturally equipped correspondingly larger, has much more possibilities, but is also more expensive. A compact camera is ideal for those who take your camera everywhere with not so much baggage to carry around with them and who may be considered a simple user interface with straightforward ways.

Want to see for those who are planning more with your camera, such as photography as a hobby or a big move in the direction of photo design is to buy a digital SLR camera a good idea. With a digital SLR, you have the whole range of photography available. A great advantage of many brand owners continue using it is also already existing lenses for film cameras, digital camera.

Whether compact or SLR camera, the following questions, you should also include necessarily in your considerations.

Megapixels: Between three and twelve megapixels is all on the market.
Basically, the more pixels, the larger the picture can be developed. LCD screen, the larger and more colorful, the more battery it needs, but is also more user friendly. LCD screens are also pivoted to the practical "to-shoot-the-corner".

Continuous shooting and shutter lag: also a very important element. I would like to shoot fast, successive images, it is advisable to have an eye on this too.

Power supply: It is important to distinguish two types. Lithium-ion batteries or AA batteries (AA cells). Lithium-ion batteries are priced higher, but have larger running time. It is advisable to put a second pack to. AA cells can be used as a battery as well as conventional batteries. Advantage here is that you can get a pack of fast times in the trade.

Storage media: The types of storage media are XD, SD and CF cards. There are no particularly large differences. You should consider just what memory size I want.

ISO Sensitivity: The higher you can adjust the camera at an ISO sensitivity, the better it is for the quality of the image. Use in any case, the different test results on the Internet and do not hesitate from getting in stores not only to consult extensively, but also try out the camera types.

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