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The currently most important question when buying a LCD, or Flachbildfersehgerätes.
Basically the LCD screen is no longer particularly since already in the IT sector only multiplied more flat monitors is accessed.
With a weight of 10kg and a screen size up to some 1.50 m and more, as the concomitant additional equipment, the old conventional tube is quickly forgotten.
The depth of the market is located on flat-screen TV is usually only a few centimeters and are in many positions, whether or hängent standing on the wall, to the now normal Wohnzimmermobilar.

LCD and plasma units are visually look very similar but are fundamentally different in the technical execution.
Thus the acronym LCD derived from English "liquid crystal display," which means the screen or a display function which is based in the fact that the liquid crystals affect the polarization direction of light forth.
LCDs consist of individual segments, which can change independently of each other's brightness in itself. If, for example, a display or a display to represent arbitrary content, so the segments arranged in a grid evenly.
The use of LCDs in many fields of application such as including in electronic devices such as technical, digital clocks or.

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